Thursday, May 01, 2008

Slowly getting house stuff done...

In my latter days of this pregnancy, I need to sleep a LOT! Everyone's holding their breath, too because they're afraid I'm going to go early again. My instincts tell me that I'm not going to have another preemie.

Slowly, I am getting things together and ready for baby. The nursery is done and the pack-n-play is set up in the sunroom.

Now, my main focus is the master bedroom. My closet arrived yesterday and I got it put together. It still needs the top shelf and curtains to frame it off.

This Saturday I'll probably be getting a new fridge!! Finally! I've never had a new fridge and I'm downright excited. I'm getting a bigger, more energy efficient one.

My baby shower is coming up, so I'll have a whole slew of baby stuff to put away! I was also given a generous gift card to Target, so I can do some baby shopping!

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