Thursday, May 15, 2008

Baby Stuff

Well, I'm 2 cm dilated and the baby is really low and ready to go. Even though I'm 36 weeks along, I'm actually measuring at 37 weeks. This baby is good sized, so I'm praying for an earlier delivery before she becomes "megalith baby."

I finished up the main shopping for her, other than stocking up on batteries. So many baby things run on batteries these days! I'm not going to crack open my nursing pump because I don't want to use it, but if I have to I will. If not, I'll just return it to the store.

I'm also mad at myself because I can't find my envelope full of the money I was given for my baby shower. I've looked everywhere. It's simply vanished and I'm afraid I accidentally dropped it in a store, or Bubby removed it in a store, or someone snatched it out of my purse. There wasn't a ton of money left in it, but probably around $50.00-$60.00. Still, I can't really complain. I have what I need, the Lord always provides and I'm always so blessed.


Mimi said...

Weheeeeee! Baby news is always good!

Dawn said...

Maybe there will be a baby by Sunday evening? No? :-)

Pray and ask the Lord to help you find this envelope.
I ask God all the time where I put my keys, my ID card, my checkbook, etc. and He helps me find it :-)

What an exciting time for you and your family right now!!!