Friday, May 23, 2008

I Admit Smugness

My son was good as gold in the stores today. While in Aldi's, this older yuppie mom with two children, probably ages 9 and 7 were having a tough little time. The children were whiney, misbehaving, running to and fro and not listening to mom at all. Everyone kept staring at them. My little 2 year old was enthralled by this, but behaved very well. He even yelled at the kids when they climbed onto the grocery-packing shelf!

So, I admit, I was a bit smug and proud of my little man being such a good boy. But, I made sure to remind myself of the times not too long ago when "meltdown" was the key word. Granted, a 2 year old is often given much more leeway with misbehaving and meltdowns than older children who are just seen as bratty. But, I'm sure every mom has a day when she needs "Super Nanny."

So, I'm really trying hard not to be smug or to judge this mom. I always have this feeling that being prideful and judgemental will bring the exact same thing down on me! Whether that's true or not, it's not good to be that way. But, I can't be the ONLY mom who's ever felt this way when their children were good, but other's weren't. I've seen moms of happy toddlers sitting quietly and perfectly in the grocery cart giving ME a smug, but understanding smile when Bubby was laying in the middle of the aisle screaming his head off. I guess we're all guilty of it.


Dawn said...

One thing to always remember when you see moms and kiddos like that is to stop where you are and say a silent prayer for this mom that God would give her wisdom and guidance and patience and would calm the children down.
We can gawk and stare but that doesn't do anything. Prayer does. :-)

I love Aldi's. Great place!

Hope you are having a good weekend!

God Bless You,

Kate said...

Great advice, Dawn!

Mrs Pea said...

I agree with Dawn. You never know if a mother has children with special needs of some sort (not just a learning or physical disability but trauma, mental health issues etc) and, to be frank, I have found that if I judge others my children do too.

Jenn said...

I'm glad to hear you be aware of not judging other moms/children even though you were quite proud of your little one!! =)

All too often the most judgmental people I have run across are on Christian blogs....glad yours is not the same. ;-)

And you are right, you are not the ONLY mom that's felt that way. We all have at some point, and some of us have been given special children (such as my two autistic children that look "average" outwardly) that have totally changed out outlooks.

Enjoy your little ones!!