Saturday, May 03, 2008

Childhood Surprises

Today was definately a "hard to be a parent" day. Bubby has taken to throwing tantrums at everything. I don't get it either, because we've NEVER given in to his tantrums or let him think that tantrums get him things. If he drops a toy, tantrum. If food falls off his spoon, tantrum. If the dog gets too close to him, tantrum. If mommy asks him to do something, tantrum. If mommy TELLS him to do something, an even bigger tantrum. If mommy isn't available immediately, tantrum.

He's also a flopper. He flops on the floor in protest, which is especially difficult for me because it means I have to bend my huge preggy mass over to pick him up for correction, and I'm not supposed to pick him up.

On top of it all, he's going through a growth spurt AND teething his two bottom 2 year molars.

I will say that through all this difficulty, I am learning patience, selflessness, self-control, calmness, and dilligence. God is also showing me areas where Bubby needs me more and where I need to back off.

Still, we tucked him into bed with hugs and kisses and bedtime stories and love you's and prayers and peace.

But, the big suprise occured during a trying time this afternoon when Bubby was bouncing off the walls and didn't know the meaning of "use your quiet voice." Hubby needed some rest, so I took Bubby to the basement and sat at his little table and sketched pictures for him. I usually just sketch pictures of thing I know he knows, but this time I tried for things he didn't. One of them was a square. I asked him if he knew what it was and he said, "KWARE!" I was so impressed!

I love all his "Bubby words" and hubby and I find ourselves using them. One of the cutest is his word for airplane or helicopter. He says, "Wee-oo."

My neice is full of surprises, too. She's only 3 months older than Bubby, but she's quite beyond her years. She can count to 20, say the alphabet and spell and recognize her own first name!


prayzgod said...

Bubby has probably recently come to the realization that when something doesn't go his way, he wonders "why shouldn't things go and act the way I say? This isn't fair." Now he is ready to learn the tools of self-control. Keep training him up in the way of the Lord. Soon he'll realize that there are better ways to vent his feeling rather than tantrums.

BTW, when the home situation allows, just leave him on the floor and walk out of the room when he throws a tantrum. This will help save your back. ;-)

Just ignore it, and leave (stay around the cornner so that you can keep an eye on him, but he should think you're not there). You'll be amazed how quickly he'll probably stop his tantrum when he realizes he has no "audience." ;-)

If he can stop his tantrum like that, then you'll know:

1) he is trying to use it as a form of manipulation
2) he is developed enough to start learning how to control his emotions.

My little girl is just coming out of screaming. When things don't go her way, she let's out a LOUD blood-curdling scream. Thankfully, we've been working with her on this, and her screaming fits are getting less and less by the day.

Parenting takes mammoth patience, but it is so very worth it. ;-)

Julie said...

Ahhh... two good moms coping with the same behaviors I am. Im so happy. Sad for you because I KNOW, but happy for me because I don't feel like a bad parent anymore. LOL

We love using words from Jonathan too. A dog is a woof-woof. A cat is a mow-mow. A cookie is a kircle (or circle). A fire truck is a woo-woo.
They are so fun when they are happy. :)

Courtney said...

Are we raising the same child? DS has started having similar tantrums in the past few weeks. The strangest are the toy related, like you said. He throws a ball, then, "Ehhhh!!" Being well-rested, with a full tummy and plenty of activity seems to help, though. Lots pf patience and consistency on my end, lol. Keep up the good work, mama!