Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Yesterday was one of those days that just went well. I felt well for most of the day and got a fair amount done. My fridge arrived and it's great! I love it! I feel like such a queen with this new, big fridge. I got it at a scratch and dent place, but you can't see the cosmetic damage and I got it for a steal! It's a Kenmore, too! The best part was piling good news on hubby and then spending the latter part of the evening chatting away. He gave me grand kudos for the fridge.

Today, a huge and unexpected blessing arrived. My in-laws back into my driveway with one of those brand new, fancy stainless steel gas grills and a picnic table! They just gave them to us. My FIL's reason was, "I bought the grill, but it's just too big for me and I don't want to bother taking it back." (Never mind that the old softy drove an extra 30 miles round trip just to deliver it to us when the store he got it from is just a few miles from his house!) His only request was that we host a BBQ this summer. We did one 2 years ago and he loved it and had so much fun.

I am just thrilled with this new grill because cooking in our little house in the summer just heats the place to uncomfortable levels. Now, I can have my own outdoor kitchen! Hubby found an old sink in good shape that he's going to rig up outdoors so I'll have an outdoor sink, too!

It's such a blessing and so undeserved. I feel like such a queen! My family is so loving and most of all, God is so good!!

On the preggy-front, everyone and I mean everyone from the kindly mother of 8 in my church to my relatives, hubby, and even a random cashier at the grocery story predict I'm going to "pop" soon. Hubby thinks within the next 2 weeks. I'll be happy just to get through my baby shower!

I've started stocking up so I don't have to leave the house that much after the baby is born. Preparations have been made for various means of transport to the maternity center and care for Bubby. I've begun packing my bag for the hospital. It feels good to be coming in on the home stretch. Soon, my daughter will be snuggled in my arms!


Mimi said...


Continued prayers.

Barbara said...

What wonderful blessings from God! Praying that you get everything done before your little one arrives and am praying that she'll stay put 3 weeks. ;)