Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Basics in Housekeeping

Candy at www.myblessedhome.blogspot.com has a great article on the basics of housekeeping during seasons in a woman's life when housekeeping tends to take the back burner such as during pregnancy sickness or tending a new infant.

As with most things, I can't cookie-cut, but rather expand on them to fit my own life situation. Here are the basics for me:

1. Put things away.
2. Dishes done.
3. Laundry
4. Vacuum

Other things I like to do are: fixing the bed, making sure the mail doesn't pile up, and having meals planned.

Things that go to the wayside include: dusting (unless it's pretty bad), washing the hardwood floors, fixing Bubby's crib just so, and my garden.

I also try to keep up on the garbage and diaper disposal so the house doesn't smell.

As an added note, a mother of a young infant can find time to shower. I'll try to shower when Bubby is asleep or when hubby can keep an eye on him. As for daughter (she doesn't have a nickname yet), strap her in the bouncy seat or car seat and set her in the bathroom with me. The sound of the water and the bathroom fan will lull any baby to sleep. By the time I have my third child, Bubby will be old enough and hopefully trained enough to play nicely and perhaps even keep an eye on his sister while I shower with the new baby in the bathroom with me.

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prayzgod said...

I also shower after the children are in bed, and hubby is home. If hubby is working late, I'll either skip the shower (and take it in the morning) or take it later at night when he gets home.

When my babies are young, I too take them into the bathroom with me. If the baby is very young, then I put him or her into a roll around bassinet, and roll it into the bathroom with me. When baby is a bit older, then I use the bouncy chair or car set.