Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day

Hubby and I got each other the same thing for Valentine's Day! Nothing!! Tee hee.....

Actually, hubby and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. It's too close to our anniversary and hubby and I believe that we should celebrate our love for each other every day and not just on Valentine's Day. Besides, we both can't each chocolate. :)

I get a giggle out of watching Valentine's Day from the outside. While looking through a grocery store's floral shop ad, I asked my husband, "Isn't Valentine's Day supposed to be mutual?" He said, "Yes." I asked, "Then why are all these ads only focused on what men can give their women?" He said, "Because men are the ones that need the help." :D

BUT, all day yesterday on the radio, it was all about what men are doing for their women. There was nothing, NOTHING on what women are doing for their men. Some may say that it doesn't matter so long as it involves...ahem....something private. But really, when do we women show our men how much we love them? Why do men have to buy the flowers and candy and dinner and stupid teddy bears and lingerie? What do the women do in return on Valentine's Day besides "that."

Women on the radio acted as if they totally deserved all this lavishness. One woman was upset her husband slid the box of chocolates across the table rather than get all mushy in giving it to her. Maybe he's sick of this one way street, too.

Maybe it's because men in general tend to be less romantic.

But I believe romance can be where you find it. Life isn't like the movies. A stroll through the woods for a creek-side picnic in the movies isn't the same as in real life. In real life you deal with achy muscles, bugs, muds and soggy sandwiches. What's romantic is being able to laugh at it and share that.

Sure, my husband has never bought me flowers. But he hand builds from scratch gardens for me to plant and putter in. Instead of paying $50.00 on a bouquet that'll die in a few days, he puts in hours and hours of back breaking labor to get our yard how we'd like it.

Hubby and I love each other and we don't need a holiday to help us show it. But really, we just don't bother with Valentine's Day because it's so close to our anniversary. Neither of us wants the hassle of shopping for yet another card.



Calla Lilly said...

At the grocery store yesterday, the checkout girl asked me if I had received my Valentine's Day present yet. I said that we were not doing anything this year. She said that was terrible and asked why would anyone want to do anything like that. I told her that we did not need it to prove our love to each other. We usually do at least send each other cards, etc. But, this year we are in debt and decided it was more loving to not spend the money. I have been married 18 years and am quite contented. :)

Stephanie said...

My hubby and I got each other the same exact thing that you both got! Wow, what a coincidence ;-). I know exactly what you mean about the flowers, I could find so many better ways to spend $50. I love to putter in the garden too, anything from the garden is always way better than anything from the store. We celebrate our Valentine's Day on Feb. 9th...the anniversary of our first date :-D. This year we just had an at home date night, we put the kids to bed early and had a nice dinner together and hung out on the couch watching movies till late at night. I'm a homebody, so to me, that's way better than eating out!