Saturday, February 25, 2006

Me at home....

It's a bumpy road, this whole issue about wives returning to the home. has a great article about this. It got me thinking about my own recent history.

When we got married, hubby and I thought it would be a good idea if I stayed home, but hubby wanted me to earn a living, so I had my own business. This business ate up my life and I topped it off with a complete lack of experience in organization and time management. The house was rarely tidy. I was usually frazzled. It wasn't working.

We had the opportunity to move and I quit my business. However, I still didn't manage my time well, and I wasn't very organized. My days seemed wasted, money was tight, and hubby and I would spend days hardly speaking to each other. Not because we were mad, but because we simply had little or nothing to say. He finally asked me to do something!!

I got a job! (Then I got pregnant just 4 days after starting said job). At first hubby was elated. I was bringing home a paycheck (measly as it was) and I was dressing nicely again and we had whole adult conversations each evening. Was this our answer? It seemed so great. Why didn't I work outside the home to start with?

But it soon became apparent that MY working outside the home really wasn't all that beneficial. Conversations became daily complaints about work. I was so overtired what little I managed to do before working outside the home, I couldn't do at all now. Despite being pregnant, I was getting hit on at work, and it kinda frightened me that I was the only one in the store and men would often come in. No security, no buzzer, no camera, no nothing to protect myself. As for the pay, as gas prices rose higher and higher, when all was said and done, I was making literally $5 to $10 a WEEK! It was hardly worth it. I was also getting increasingly pregnant and yearned to spend my latter half of the pregnancy in the comfort of my home.

Hubby and I agreed that I should quit and I did at the start of this year.

But working outside the home was beneficial. I realized like a slap in the face what I needed to do to be much more productive at home.

1. Create a schedule to stay on top of errands and housework.
2. Create a budget and STICK TO IT.
3. Listen to the radio, read the paper and call friends and family to help build conversation with hubby.

Just those three things have made my staying at home worth it not only to me, but to hubby. Home is not to be taken for granted. Staying home is not to be abused. In this day and age I see it as a privaledge. (I'm really not personally cut out to work outside the home)


Candy said...

GREAT post! I am so glad you "found" home. Isn't it wonderful? :-D

Susanna said...

You are right. It is very hard to always know the right thing to do. I worked for 5 years straight out of uni. Loved the pay and the social interaction. I left at 6 months pregnant, as I knew I wouldn't return afterwards.....people couldn't quite understand this!
I now work one day a week on a temporary basis, and while I love my one day out, there is nothing to beat being at home with my dear little boy. Can't say I am always on top of the housework though!