Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Third trimester thoughts

Due to some circumstances in my third trimester, I'll be resting much more often. This has me a little anxious, because how can I keep my house clean and organized while staying in bed more? This'll take some thinking and tweaking. Here's what I've come up with so far:

1. I'm not on complete bed rest, so I can get up and do things and I should to avoid blood clots and muscle cramping. But I can't overdo it. I have 5 rooms I take care of at Taigh Beag. I can do one room a day.

2. The men in my house (hubby and my brother) will have to help me carry laundry up and down the basement steps.

3. I should shift my focus to sitting activities, such as sewing and increasing my education.

4. My sister and mother have volunteered to help with housework. I think I'll take them up on that offer twice a month.

5. I'd like to figure out how I can stock up on groceries so I don't have to shop every week.

This afternoon, I have some sewing to work on, but when I return to resting, I'm going to work on these 5 things and get them settled and organized.



Anonymous said...

we do our food shopping once a fortnight. we make a menu plan for the fortnight and shop according to what we need for that. there are only 2 of us but we often cook a meal for 4 and put the extra 2 servings in the freezer for another less nights cooking! we buy milk and bread and often have extra of these in the freezer. if we have lots of extra veges from the garden then we often blanch or steam them into serving sizes and then freeze them for when we cook meals. eg we have blanched broccoli in freezer for when we wish broccoli with a meal. we have frozen (uncooked) corn cobs in the freezer. we also have frozen grated uncooked zucchini/courgettes in freezer for when we wish to make zucchini bread. we often plan meals that are in first week of fortnight to have salad veges (that tend to go off earlier). we buy bulk meat that is cheaper and then freeze into portion sizes that we want. we use a lot of dry grains/beans/lentils etc that can be stored in dry cool pantry. we uses to shop once a week, but fortnight suits us more and has even lowered our food bill as we plan more. when i bake, i freeze whatever we wont eat in a day or two...then defrost later when i feel like baking!

Anonymous said...

I too grocery shop once every 2 weeks and have found it to be very enjoyable and don't dread going shopping as much. Get plenty of rest!