Monday, February 27, 2006

Finally, they found it!!

Last week I hung a bird feeder with song bird feed in it from a hook under the eaves in front of the dining room window. I waited and waited, but no birds showed up. A chipmunk eyed it, but there's no way for him to get to it. I feed him dried corn.

This morning movement caught my eye and I looked in time to see my favorite bird at the feeder, a chickadee!! Later, a female blue jay arrived and feasted. Soon after that, a couple of male blue jays showed up! It's been Grand Central Station all day with birds flying to and from the feeder (and a few flew into the window...sheesh!).

I love all my critters. We get chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, deer, turkey, and various birds. I have my dog and many many goldfish. The rabbits don't get preferential treatment, though because they like to eat my garden. If we get too many, I'm allowed to trap them for food. I haven't yet, though.

I am a conservationist. I don't believe in killing animals for pure sport and to have them stuffed and trophied (although I'm not against stuffing a deerhead or mounting antlers or a turkey tail). I believe animals can be hunted for food purposes and some animals need to be put down if they're a nuisance, like the rabid raccoon that was in the area, or the mice spreading disease and filth. Otherwise, let them be beautiful! I marvel at God's creations.


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/tim said...

Howdy from down South, Kate. Found your blog from Amy's site at

I've enjoyed reading and will visit again!