Thursday, February 23, 2006

Can and can't do favors....

Last Friday, we had a terrible windstorm that knocked down some trees in the woods next to our house. The trees fell across the access road and the top of one fell next to our garage. No damage was done. The woods are owned by the nursing home. My hubby offered to remove the trees and clean up the mess for free as a neighborly favor to the nursing home. He's fully certified and trained to not only cut down trees, but to take care of damaged trees and trees around high voltage power lines. The nursing home felt they had to refuse his offer for "insurance reasons." Isn't it sad that in the sue-happy world, a neighbor can't do a favor for another because they fear retribution should something go wrong?

But, as my hopes for favors done and given dwindled, they were quickly renewed.

Without a word, someone cleaned up the trees from the access road AND generously removed the top of the tree from our property. We later found out the farm on the other side of me was responsible for this! How neighborly!

Also, yesterday, my kind, sweet, dear mother came over and washed the mildew off my bathroom ceiling for me! It looks GREAT!

So, I guess favors can be granted. :)


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