Friday, February 24, 2006

Give it up

I definately have to give up the computer for a while. Originally, I thought about giving up the internet, but now it'll have to be the computer. I'm ALWAYS on it! I feel so guilty typing away at lightening speeds while hubby is right this moment out in the woods in the wind and snow cutting down trees just so our neighbors can heat their houses. What am I doing? Surfing the net, reading blogs, checking message boards, and typing in my own blog. How productive is that!? Not very.

So, I'll be cutting back the rest of this month and cutting out for much of March.

Keep checking in, though, because I will post once in a while on my progress, my pregnancy, my housekeeping, and my musings (especially if I have insomnia).

Time to follow my conviction.



Leigh said...


Do whatever is right for you! I look forward to reading any updates you post. I will be praying for you, your hubby and the baby!


Mrs.B. said...

I've been having some of these same thoughts, only my hubby isn't in the woods but he's still out there working HARD for me!