Thursday, February 16, 2006

Funny Little Prayers

Yes, I pray funny little prayers. I'd like to share them with you.
1. Before I pull out of the garage, I always pray for safe travelling mercies and good gas mileage.
2. When I put gas in my tank, I ask God to bless what I can afford in gas and I thank Him for His provisions and that I'll spend the gas wisely. (I get frustrated behind slow-poke drivers and often gun-it as soon as it's legal to pass them. Needless to say, this uses a fair amount of gas.)
3. I try to remember to pray over the grocery money I have each week and that God will grant me wisdom to use the money wisely and still get more that I planned.

These are all quick little prayers I usually say while sitting behind the wheel of my car. The funny thing is I tend to notice answers to little prayers better than I notice answers to big prayers.



Julie said...

I totally understand! When I was single I would drive across town to visit my boyfriend (now husband) or other friends who lived across the river. On the way home (which was usually late at night) I had two choices. One was quicker but took me through a semi bad part of town. I could pass that exit and go to the interstate loop and take a little more time to get home but pretty much stay the same speed and there were no red lights. Well every time I would come to the first exit I would be praying asking God which way to go. Sometimes I felt peace about going the short way, sometimes I felt like I had to keep going to the loop. I always thought it was a little silly. But then I know it just goes to show how much my heavenly Father cared about me.
I was feeling kind of guilty the other day because I had not had a big long prayer session in awhile. Then hubby and I were talking and he commented that Im always taking to God throughout the day. Many times DH asks me, "Who are you talking to?" and I look up suprised and say, "Oh just talking to God about this or that."

Glad I found someone who is the same! LOL

Anonymous said...

I pray the samethings, so I don't think their funny at all. In fact, I've been praying for 2 years for the Lord to remove an old fridge off of our porch (we weren't able to get anyone to do it). It was taken this morning! :)

Kateri said...

Hey, there! It's great to see another Kateri -- there are so few of us, especially adults. I know of few children with our name. Well, I guess our parents have good taste;)