Sunday, February 19, 2006

Business Venture and The Pathetic Bear Company

The other day, I thought of a cute name for a gift shop. I'm not going to share it because I'm not willing to have it stolen. ;) But since I thought of the name, I've been feeling deep down that perhaps I should pursue it and bring my kid sister along for the venture. Definately something to pray about! I already have an at-home sewing business, but I've always had this little flame of yearning in my gut for a unique gift shop.

My sister is very creative and has taken up sewing. She can take the strangest fabrics, usually the junk people give me and I throw away, and turn them into something eclectic, unique and surprisingly stylish and nice. But, as all seamstresses can attest, we have our days where a project just doesn't come out as planned. My sister decided to make my son a teddy bear. The teddy bear didn't come out very professionally, so she stashed it in her sewing box. When she showed me said sewing box, she found the bear and told me that she made it for my son, but wasn't pleased with the results. "He's pathetic," she said. I grabbed the bear from her and said, "I LIKE pathetic!" I wanted to keep it for my son, so she sewed on some eyes and embroidered a little red heart on his chest. Then, as I joke I told her she should start "The Pathetic Bear Company." Her boyfriend actually kinda liked the idea. :)


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