Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Energy Crisis Avoided

I received my electric bill in the mail today! Huzzah, all my hard work paid off! It went down $10.00!! But I know I can do better, not much though, because they did mandatorily raise everyone's bill $10 to $15.

The bulb blew in the dining room a while ago. It was a 100 Watt bulb, so in order to conserve energy, I replaced it with a 60 watt bulb. I lived with it, but found it was too dim for the room. It's a dark room to begin with. Then, the 60 watt bulb in the kitchen blew, and I didn't have a replacement. So I removed the 60 watt bulb from the dining room and put it in the kitchen. I replaced the dining room bulb with a 100 watt, but found it too bright!! Finally, yesterday, I bought a package of 75 watt bulbs. Now I'm happy!!

Now the only energy crisis in this house hold is my zapped!!



Anonymous said...

do you have 'energy saving' lightbulbs in america. they take a few minutes to reach full brightness, but once they do, they still use less power. we have 75-100 watt ones (depending on which room and how bright we want!) but even the 100 watt only use around 25 watt of power. plus, they last alot longer...up to 10 years!

Kate said...

I've been thinking of trying them, but I want to make sure they're full-spectrum. Florescent lights drive me crazy and make me feel sick.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Anonymous said...

the first ones we tried were alot like fluroescent, just too clinical and i hated them. but some new ones came out, and you cant tell the difference between these ones and normal lightbulbs, apart from takin a few minutes to get to full brightness. i love them. i would tell you the name of them, but i live on the other side of the world so it wouldnt do much good. ours were subsidised by our power company too :)