Saturday, February 04, 2006

To blog or not to blog

It started with a post on the message board I'm on. One lady wrote in her concern about some of the other ladies being so open about who they are, where they live, etc. The internet is NOT a cozy, safe place. It came to a head when on the same message board and on a few blogs I read, ladies have been discussing in detail how they discipline their children. This resulted in many disagreements, uproars, outrage, and questions.

Now, we have every right to discuss what we want to discuss on our blogs. However, just because it's our right doesn't mean it IS right! After all, I wouldn't go into detail about my personal life and the personal life of my family with the stranger behind him in the grocery store checkout line. Why would I do it online? This isn't just about child rearing, either. This covers many topics.

Hence why I'm careful and have made it my goal not to get too personal on my blog. I don't mind people disagreeing with me, but there are some topics that are just too explosive. We all must be careful.

One thing that bothers me no end in our culture today is this whole "freedom of speech" thing. I always thought the freedom of speech meant what it did in the Norman Rockwell painting....that regardless as to whether you're a rich businessman or poor farmer, your voice could be heard in a public forum. I didn't consider freedom of speech to mean I could say whatever I want to whenever I wanted to.

We have the freedom of opinion, but I do NOT believe we have the freedom to voice it without reprocution. Even the Bible warns us many times, especially in Proverbs to watch our mouths.

Divulging personal information about our families opens us up to many reprocutions. That's a risk I am not willing to take.

The internet world does not contain my friends (except for a few exceptions where we use the internet to contribute to our already formed personal relationships). I don't know who's out there. And while I wave to you cheerfully, and lovingly, I keep one finger on the "disconnect" button.



Calla Lilly said...

I love reading blogs about people's ideas, beliefs, and values, but not about anything that could be considered "dirty laundry." I also know there are some subjects that cause too much division. If it's not central to the gospel message, it's not worth debating - especially over the internet. Love your blog. :)

Mrs. M said...

I do agree with you and Calla Lilly on this one. I've enjoyed reading your blog and your remodeling work (pictures would be nice :) ?)I've just started my own blog and changed the setting after the first post to become more anonomous, though I will put up pictures (when I figure it out). Thank you for letting us see a part of you. I find it an encouragement to read blogs and find out there are people all over just like me. :0) Sometimes we don't see that in our own little worlds, and it also gives a look at how other people live.