Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Oops and the sofa

Ooops! Yesterday, I let my doggy out to play and had some cardboard to burn. I placed the cardboard in the brush pile and lit it. A gust of wind came up, threw out the flames and set the brush pile on fire too! Ooops!!! (Previously, the wood's been too wet to catch fire. Apparently, it wasn't yesterday.)

I frantically checked to make sure my doggy was fully occupied with her ball, waddled my 7 month pregnant self back up the hill to the house and fetched a pail of water and a rake. I wasn't worried about the brush pile. It needed burning anyway and hubby would appreciate my "extra effort." It was the 1" thick matting of very dry pine needles that had fallen around the brush pile and led straight for the woods, my garage and the house! So, I raked the needles away from fire, leaving only bare ground and carefully arranged the sticks so it continued to burn in the middle and did not spread.

I managed just fine and my doggy got plenty of exercise. She even tore some dead hanging vines out of the trees for me to add to the fire. At least I stayed warm while doggy played! :)

My sofa, how I love thee. Looks like I'll be spending loads of time on it from now until baby's born. My bed just isn't comfy enough.


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