Thursday, April 26, 2012

Used Magazines

Today, I acted on impulse and bought the latest issue of Vogue magazine at the checkout line in the grocery store.  My reason?  Scarlett Johansson was on the cover and looking very vintage and lovely.  That's it.  I bought it for several lovely photographs done in vintage style....a waste of $4.00.  I probably could have found the photographs somewhere online.

I got to thinking how much better things were in my youth when the impulse to buy magazines wasn't there because the money wasn't burning a hole in my wallet.  I grew up in a near poverty level home, but if it wasn't for the daily comparison of my peers at public school, I probably wouldn't have really noticed.  Looking back, I'm glad I grew up in that lifestyle.

Instead of buying magazines, we were given used ones or my mother would paw through the free box at the local library.  I was introduced to Country Living and Victoria magazines as well as the Reiman Publications (Country, Reminisce, Taste of Home).  I still have many of the Country Livings and Victorias.  It was such a treat to put my feet up on a summer's afternoon and flip through the pages.  While my peers had their very own subscriptions to Seventeen, I was swept away into the filtered photographs in those late 80's early 90's issues of Victoria.

When I was an older teen and had a job of my own, I did subscribe to Victoria magazine.  Mom continued to find Country Living Magazines for free.

Really, though, beauty was found, disovered, gleaned in those days rather than bought on impulse and feeling wasted later.  I think I need to start turning back the clock on my thinking again.

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