Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Children are Garbage Magnets!

My family is helping me out by taking care of my children until Friday so I can rest up and prepare for the arrival of the baby.  This afternoon I tackled the kids' room.  We live in a small cottage, so all 3 children share the same room.  Thus, it becomes cluttered and messy quickly.  I have come to the conclusion that children are garbage magnets!  All the little bits of paper, cheap toys, fuzzy-backed stickers, broken crayons, etc etc etc that they manage to hold on to amazes me.

Children are cute and cute children tend to get gifts and hand-outs no matter where they go.  It seems well-meaning and kindly people, whether family, friends, clerks or strangers see adorable children and feel compelled to give them some little treat that winds up in my house.  Of course, I teach my children to accept the little blessing graciously, and they usually do, and then they may keep it for a time.  If I see it forgotten under the bed, it gets tossed.

Unfortunately, it also means that I'm throwing away stuff into our landfills.  I hate doing it, but I can't keep it in my house, either.  Some are able to just say no thanks, which is great.  Perhaps as my children age a little, I can encourage them to graciously decline.  Perhaps as they grow older, they will be less likely to receive little gifts.

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