Monday, April 09, 2012

Update on the Purging Challenge

I rounded off last week's purging by cleaning the playroom. I only got rid of a small box full of stuff, but it did amount to over 25 things. I'm debating whether or not to be rid of the Mr. Potato Head stuff. The children rarely play with it (unless I mention getting rid of it). I also tackled the closet in the school room and I definitely got rid of a lot more than 25 things, mostly magazines. I have two shelves stacked two deep with magazines. I had many of the magazines in those cardboard magazine holders. My goal was to have all magazines in holders. I was thrilled when I was done sorting to have some holders empty! That is until I realized I have a stack of magazines in my bedroom! I may need to purge more.

Today, I tackled the children's room. That was an easy goal-maker.

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