Saturday, April 21, 2012

Guessing Game

It seems nearly every day now I experience false labor.  Of course, last time I went to the maternity center due to false labor, I got the paperwork to help me know the difference between false labor and true labor. false labor is so convincing that it pretty much covers all the bases on that check list!  They usually say "call if nothing changes after an hour," but my false labor can last for HOURS and then suddenly subside.  I spend the whole time praying for the Lord to show me whether or not I'm in labor because I do NOT want to go back to the maternity center only to be sent home.  It's an inconvenience, an expense, and requires a lot of planning since I have 3 children who need childcare on top of finding someone to drive me.  It's not like hubby can just pop on home whenever.  He's making ends meet!

One thing for sure is that the false labor is coming more frequently and stronger each time.  Yesterday, I was actually bent over the kitchen counter breathing and moaning a little.  Just before hubby came home, it stopped, but I was incredibly tired and sore.  I've been up for hours now in the middle of the night because once again, pain.

It is truly getting close.  I feel like I've been in early labor all week.  My next OB appointment is Wednesday.  Of course, now it is the weekend and my only choices are maternity center or sit tight at home and wait it out.


Stephanie said...

Have you ever checked your own cervix for dilation? I have a tendency to have looooong latent (prodromal) labors...meaning a very long first stage, early labor...but once active labor begins the baby is usually born in just 3-4 hours. So, in order to determine whether it was real labor or not I would check my cervix...dilation coupled with "bloody show" not just pink or brown mucous but mucous streaked with blood is a pretty good and reliable sign that labor has begun...check out this neat link on checking your own cervix, you might find it helpful :-)

Kate said...

I have been checking my own cervix. :) Though, I can't always tell what's going on through dilation and effacing, I can tell whether or not I'm softer and I can feel for the baby's head. As for "bloody show" and mucus, other than losing my plug, which I did weeks ago, I've never had bloody show with my other three until well into active labor.

And yes, I've got really long, drawn out early labors and then quick active labors and deliveries. I will check out that website. Hopefully, I can figure out more about myself.