Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Easter Baskets

Do you do Easter Baskets for your children?

What do you put in them?

I really don't have the space to store Easter baskets year after year, so my mom came up with the idea of getting each child a plastic bucket with shovel. The way my children play in that sand pile, any bucket only lasts a season anyway. I'm not keen on filling the buckets with candy. It is also disheartening to see that Easter is becoming another commercial Christmas. So, each child got a few use-up-able or practical toys inside their buckets.

Oldest: Legos, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, small puzzle, Skittles-filled egg.
Middle: Magnetic fold up playhouse (clearance at Target!), bubbles, sidewalk chalk, jump rope, chocolate bunnies
Youngest: Play-doh toy, toddler snacks, bubbles, Skittles-filled egg.

Most of these items were $1.00 or less!


Courtney said...

We do Easter baskets. No to little candy here too! Always includes books, and last year there were new t-shirts, a Bible, memory verse CDs, and piggy banks. This year Big Brother has books, a tool box, seeds for his garden, and bubbles. Little Brother has a science kit, books, seeds, and bubbles. Baby Brother has books, a Beatrix Potter plate/cup set, and bubbles!

Happy Easter!

Nurturing Faith and Family said...

We do one "family" Easter basket...Tonight I will be making homemade cookies to go in the basket, along with some new books, the "Jesus Movie" DVD, and Bible sing-along CD, in addition to some plastic eggs to hide! Easier and cheaper than filling idividual baskets! :)