Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Light Purge Today

I am not feeling well today, so I've only done a light purge. I pulled out a junk drawer and purged it of most of its contents. I was able to add a few things to the yard sale heap that has taken over an entire corner of my basement. The rest was either recycled or thrown away. In the basement, a simple purge yielded me two empty economy sized diaper boxes!

Yesterday, people came to pick up the tent we sold so now there is room in the shed! Unfortunately, rearranging the shed isn't going to happen through me at this time, so it'll have to wait. I'm really looking forward to the yard sale, not only getting rid of all that stuff, but making a little money off of it. I've been praying that it is a success.

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Courtney said...

Reading these posts has been very inspiring!