Monday, March 21, 2011

Winter's Tight Grip

I looked at the extended forecast and it seems winter does not want to leave! Snow still covers the ground here. Snow is still going to fall. Temperatures aren't going rise much higher than 40 degrees.

I want to complain, but then I remember something important. This is PERFECT weather for maple syrup production! Last year, Spring arrived early, devastating the maple syrup farmers. This year, sugar shacks around the state are overflowing with sap!

The photo above is of part of my brother's small operation. That pale blue line going through the trees along the stream carry the sap from the trees down to his sugar shack by gravity. So, what is bothersome for some is a blessing for others.

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Elisabeth said...

I did think of the sap farmers this year! I'm also hoping all the warm-then-cold spells will kill off some of the pesty bugs.