Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Mother Garden

Do a Mother Garden google search or check out THIS ebay Australia store! Isn't this such a beautiful line of toys for our little girls? I hope this line comes state side SOON! I won't buy from China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, or Hong Kong over the internet. I've had my credit card stolen in the past when I tried buying a book from Australia and it was used to buy over $3,000 worth of hotel rooms in China.


Marijke said...

I have never had any problems buying from this side of the world (and I live in Australia) - maybe it was just a bad one-off for you. Why not buy from the other countries - considering your details were only taken from an Australian site?

Kate said...

Marijke, that was only one example. I hate to not do business over there, especially in Australia. I like Australians and would LOVE to see Australia and New Zealand someday, but I'm wary of risking my credit card info again. I am looking into buying through ebay, then it's secure and insured and backed through paypal.