Thursday, March 10, 2011

Toss 25 Things ~ The Great Toy Challenge

Well, I did it. I finally managed to get together 25 toys to toss. I'm not posting any pictures, though, in case my children see my blog over my shoulder and start asking for toys back that they haven't played with in over a year! I put all the toys in a storage tote for now. They'll be sorted and passed on to Goodwill soon. In the tote are some stuffed animals, some toy cars that aren't played with or parts of sets, an old broken fisher price house, a barbie-sized bicycle (we don't have any barbies), an extra dolly, a pirate ship tub toy that never gets played with, and other things. The nice toys will go to Goodwill, the others recycled if they can be.

There. I got rid of some toys just in time for birthdays to start coming up. I'm being very particular this time around (my family ALWAYS asks what they can get the kiddos so we've settled on a system like a baby or wedding registry even for birthdays.) I'm thinking lots of art supplies, things the kids can use but will use up!

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