Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Memories of Victoria Magazine

I was just a young, teenage girl when my mother came home with a stack of Victoria magazine back issues from a garage sale. They once belonged to a lady named Violet and the yellowed address labels intrigued me as much as the beautiful covers. I remember curling up in our sunny front porch with the stack next to me, pouring over the magazines with dreams of wearing the beautiful, feminine clothing and living in that Anglophile-esque world.

While other girls subscribed to Seventeen (a magazine I was forbidden from reading, thank God!), I subscribed to Victoria. I loved getting a magazine a month and looked forward to receiving them. I kept every issue. In the meantime, my mother found more issues in garage sales and library sales and passed them all onto me.

When I got married, the Victoria magazines came with me, along with my undying subscription. Then, one day, I got that sad notice in the mail. Victoria magazine was no longer going to be published. My substitute was Cottage Living (of which I have every issue). Unfortunately, that magazine is no longer published and I've substituted with Cottages and Bungalows. In the meantime, I was sent an announcement that Victoria magazine was going to be republished! I subscribed right away!

I love receiving Victoria in the mail. When I can, I add to my collection with back issues I or my mother find. I recently ordered both 1990 and 1991 - 24 magazines!

I do have some extra issues, though. My mother found these and I am selling them for her. The price of $2.50 each includes shipping. International shipping (Alaska and Hawaii) is extra.

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Mat. Emily said...

Hi Kate,
I would be interested in your Victoria magazines (if they aren't spoken for). I have all of the ones since they began republishing, but only about 20 from the past.