Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weird Week - WOW - McCain

Wow, this past week has been weird. It seemed every time we turned around something was breaking. First, hubby's truck needed calipers, roaters, brakes and a new steering column. Then, we lost our water pressure. Hubby replaced the faulty pump switch and the broken pressure tank only to find out that we STILL don't have water pressure. Tomorrow, the well guy is coming to pull up our well pump. I pray it's something simple and inexpensive. Next, hubby's chain saw broke. Thankfully, we still have our health, humor and most importantly our faith.

I read in the paper a few months ago that there is a new local chapter of an organization called WOW (Women of Worth.) The article basically stated that to be a Woman of Worth, you had to have a career. Apparently, at-home moms aren't worth it enough to be a woman of worth. That's ok. I don't need a worldly hen house to tell me whether or not I'm worth anything. Who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far above rubies. Far above rubies...now that's worth something! ;b

Hubby's union sent paperwork on the two main presidential candidates (I wish they'd list EVERYONE who was running and not just Obama and McCain). The paperwork listed what each candidate believed, supported and planned on doing. It said that McCain supports economic globalization and wants to work towards that. Frankly, that doesn't sit well with me at all!

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EllaJac said...

While I don't know anything about your husband's union or the publication they sent out, there have been problems in other places. Postal workers were told McCain planned to privatize the post office and they'd all lose their jobs... A total fallacy, but that's what their 'union' stuff was saying.

Hope everything smooths out with the truck and well and all!