Friday, October 31, 2008

How Things are Going

Thanks to all of you who kept us in your prayers. Here's an update on how things are going. Hubby is doing fine. We still don't know if he actually has Lyme Disease, but he's on antibiotics anyway, though they'd make great diet pills. Hubby says they make everything he eats taste terrible! Thanks to a very generous blessing we received, we were able to make our mortgage payment without worry. We feel a bit more stable. To help make ends meet I'm hoping to sell off some of my tea cup collection. While I enjoy these pieces, they have outstayed their usage. I need the shelf they are on for other things now that Baby Girl sits at the table with us. I'm making room on my hutch for use as a buffet for when we take meals rather than spreading out the service dishes on the table. Our dining table is rather small.

We STILL have snow on the ground! Hubby will be turning on the outdoor wood boiler by Sunday so I won't have to be careful with the oil heat until May. We'll just turn the oil furnace right off. The nice thing is our house will go from 64 degrees to 72! When we bought the boiler, we bought one too big for our house because we plan on adding a second storey. Consequently, in order to keep the boiler from over-heating, we have to keep the house toasty warm. No complaints here!

Today, I'm hoping to make applesauce and more crabapple jelly. I have to see if I have any canning lids first. I also am going to mail out a package to my blessing-giver. I know she reads this blog, so keep an eye out for a box and please know we are ever so grateful!

I lament a bit about the snow. You see, just down the path behind my house along the treeline is a very large bittersweet vine. I was hoping to get out there and cut back the branches and sell the bunches. I'm pretty sure the heavy, wet snow destroyed their autumn beauty. I'm also hoping my elderberry bushes didn't get shocked and die. Thankfully, they're on warrenty until next autumn, so if they die, I should be able to receive two more for free.

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