Sunday, October 26, 2008

No Longer Afraid

Ok, I admit....I've been fraught with worry about how the world is turning and our own financial struggles. Today's sermon really helped me cast off fears and doubts.

The foundations are being laid for the rise of the anti-Christ. Many people become worried and fearful at the very thought. I do believe American must decline as a world power in order for prophecy to be fulfilled. I do believe it's going to get harder. But rather than being fearful like I was before, I'm actually excited. The last time the world quaked with the thunder of prophecies being fulfilled was during the time of Christ. I used to wonder at how amazing it must have been to live during Christ's walk on this earth. But we're living in the dress rehersals of His return!!

I wrote yesterday how I was gun shy about the future, wondering what we're going to get hit with next in our run of "bad luck." Now, I'm peeking around the corner, looking to see what God has in store for us!

I also realized that perhaps we're getting hit so hard financially because I'm a financial HOG. I keep it not only from hubby, but from God. That is a sin I'm repenting of and asking God to show me how He wants hubby and I to deal with finances.

I'm no longer going to be afraid of tithing. I'm going to pray fervently for it!

I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead. I'm looking forward to seeing how He moves in this family and in my church. I'm looking forward to stepping out of my shell and out of my laziness and lack of vision and my procrastination and getting to work.

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