Friday, September 26, 2008

Raw Milk, Mother's Milk, etc

Hurray!! I finally found a local farm that's certified to sell raw milk! I'm going to try to make a trip there some time next week! Oh, all the wonderful, healthy things I can do with raw milk (the way God intended milk to be before man poisoned it with pasteurization and homogenization).

Also, my Mama's Milk Tea came in from Bulk Herb Store today. It's really tasty. I don't even have to put any honey or sugar or stevia in it. I hope does it's job and increase my milk.

I can't believe baby girl will be 4 months old tomorrow! According to Nourishing Traditions, she can start egg yolk feedings at 4 months old. I bought some organic, free range eggs from a local homeschooled young lady yesterday.

I think some of my family is beginning to think I'm nuts with all this strange health food and against-mainstream baby care. I'm telling you, read Nourishing Traditions and it'll open your eyes to how literally sick and degenerative American children (and adults) are because of our mainstream diet thinking. Top it off with chemically crazy convenience items like disposable diapers and plastic everything and cheap paraben-filled lotions and soaps and it's no wonder cancer is rampant, dementia is growing, obesity has become the norm, and heart disease is a matter of when and not if.


EllaJac said...

Yay on the raw milk source! I have to buy it on the black market in my state. :) That, or get the cow, which I think I already referred to on here. My littlest turned one last week, and I've done the NT style diet with her. She's thriving, and making the in-laws shake their heads. :)

Anonymous said...

That is great - I can't get raw milk but I can get organic so that will have to do for now. Have you read Weston A Price's "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration"? That is an eye opener too.