Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cloth Diapers/Economy

Bubby isn't progressing as quickly as I'd like with the potty training. I've been using cloth diapers and cloth training pants while we're home. When we're out and at night, I put him in pull-ups. Thankfully, I found a large box of Huggies pull-ups at Big Lots for $24.00. I'm hoping they'll last him until he's fully trained!

Baby Girl is in cloth diapers part-time, too. I've only made her three so far, and they're used up in half a day, but they work well, so I'll make her more.

Things are just so expensive! I priced out what I'd need to make home-made formula and it's really expensive. The doctor's office gave me some free samples (enough for 3 or 4 days). That'll help. Oh, how I wish I could still nurse!

The media is abuzz with this whole fiscal crisis and bailout. It's hard to avoid and hard to not worry about it. I know the Lord will provide for us, but it is very real that we may have to really cut back. On one hand, it bothers me because I know it'll be an added stresser, especially on hubby. On the other hand, I'm up for the challenge and have already been taking steps to prepare for a possible economic depression.

I've always been drawn to a simpler life, a life closer to God's creation. I've sometimes wondered if it's God's way of helping me prepare for a time when the best way to survive is to be agrarian.


Bethgem said...

All that work is no joke, is it? I tried hand-washing clothes the other day, and was prostrated after one load of towels. Plus, I put them in the spin cycle and then in the dryer, so it wasn't even like the real thing. :)

Mimi said...

I agree about your last thought.

But, after the initial investment, I think it is cheaper. I just used the old fashioned diapers with diaper pants, but I know my cousin-in-law went the new fangled all in one route.

I stopped at a new store here in town that is all cloth diapers - what a brilliant idea (and actually, what I bought was a couple of cloth menstral pads, so not ALL diapers)

Kate said...

bethgem, you're also pregnant!