Sunday, September 21, 2008

Daddy, can I have a pony?

I've been invited to a mom's day out (kids welcome, of course) to the horse auction next month. I mentioned it to hubby, but it doesn't look like we'll be able to get a riding horse now. The farmer who owns the farm where we'd keep it doesn't believe his draught horses will appreciate another horse. The oldest mare doesn't take well to other horses, except for her offspring.

On the other hand, a couple years ago, the farmer bought a pony for his grand-daughters. The pony can be ridden by small children, but it's also trained to be driven and can carry two adults. It's the sweetest pony, but the draught horses don't like it and the grand-daughters are losing interest. They're looking towards a horse they can ride.

Soooooo.....the farmer already said that my children can have use of the pony when his grand-daughters lose interest. I would LOVE to make that little horse my own and learn to drive it.

I've already made cutesy eyes at hubby about it. :b We'll see.

I've also been offered a miniature jersey cow, for a price. Ok, here's my country-girl dreams. I want a good-sized garden and herb garden, which I have. I want a cut-flower garden (working on that). I want a miniature cow to milk (or goats)...hubby says no. I would like to raise pheasants, too. Hubby refuses to have chickens.

Throw in a horse, and I'd be queen of the little patch of earth God blessed us with!

I have to get my household affairs in order, first. I can hardly care for animals when I can barely get my house running smoothly.

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EllaJac said...

We keep chickens (and turkeys, and guineas...), and *maybe someday* a dairy cow. But my house falls apart completely (it seems) during planting and again for harvesting/putting up produce/butchering birds. "Running smoothly?" How about "Running at all." Yikes! :)