Monday, September 15, 2008

A Blessing for Me, A Blessing for You

The blessing for me came in the form of the foreleg (arm?) of a bear! Hubby came home with this huge hunk of meat loosely wrapped in plastic and shoved it into the freezer. "What is THAT!?" I asked him. "Bear," he says in typical lack-of-detail masculine fashion as he walked out the door. So, around dinner time, I pull out the huge hunk of meat and hubby and I start butchering it (thankfully, it wasn't frozen yet). A few probing questions later and I learned that a customer of the farm next door went hunting in Maine and got a bear. He gave hubby the roughly butchered foreleg for free. I never had bear before, so I cooked up a small piece and it was DELICIOUS! We got around 7 lbs. of beautiful meat off that forearm and all for free!

Now, here's a blessing for you. This is what my pastor told the congregation yesterday, "You are a thought in the mind and heart of God!"

Isn't that just breath-taking? God thought you up! God thinks of you still!

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Stephanie said...

haha I know how that is. Last fall one of our neighbors came by and dropped of a WHOLE deer leg, hoof and all! lol It was great :-)