Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jelly, Relactation, Insanity

Last night, I made no-commercial-pectin crabapple jelly. Yum! I can hardly wait until next year when I can preserve the bounty of my enlarged garden!

Here's an update on my relactation. A few days ago, it just wasn't working. Nothing but a few drops would come out and my daughter would refuse to even try to nurse. Then, while working in the kitchen after dinner, I felt a let-down! So, I gathered up my pump and the newspaper, ran into the bedroom, bundled myself up on the bed and pumped away while reading the paper. When I was done, I had 2 1/2 ounces of milk in the bottle! It was like a little ray of hope that I could relactate! I felt so happy to give my daughter that milk!

Then, last night when she woke for a feeding, I put her on and I had a let-down! In the morning, I had another one! I felt a bit heavy this noon-time and had a very slight let-down and managed an ounce by the pump. My daughter even attempted a feed and got a little mother's milk while in the Aldi parking lot! I still have to give her the larger percentage in formula. She averages about 4 ounces a feeding every 3 hours. It's a good extraction when I get an ounce.

Still, I was encouraged by saved sinner's comment of "something is better than nothing" when it comes to mother's milk. I'm praying fervently to be able to continue to give her my milk and in even greater quantities.

My son is driving me insane!! It's not entirely his fault. We've had an unusual week and the poor dear really does need some rough and tumble time. Instead, he's stuck with a momma who's tied down to nursing, pumping, hand-extracting and bottle feeding. I might see if hubby can take him to the farm this weekend and let him burn off some of this energy.

I keep promising myself and him that I'll get it all together one of these days!! What really knocks me out of routine are all these stupid errands! (I usually consolidate them to just one day a week, but like I said before, this has been an unusual week.)


Mimi said...

Awesome on the jelly, and on the lactating!

And, prayers that the schedule evens out.

prayzgod said...

Sometimes I wouldn't have a let down for a few days, then suddenly I'd start having them again. What is that? Is it stress? :-?

I agree with Saved Sinner - just as long as your baby is getting ~some~ of your milk, then you are doing fine. :-)

KitKat said...

I agree with Saved Sinner! I have autoimmune thyroid disease that prevents me from being able to breast feed only. With my first daughter I heard so many negative comments (like, "All mothers can breastfeed, you just need to learn." or "It's just a myth that you can't produce enough milk.") that I got discouraged and gave up breastfeeding entirely. With my second daughter, I just pumped and nursed for as long as my milk lasted and was content knowing that I was doing the very best possible thing for her physical health and my emotional health. (And mum's emotinal health is just as important!!) I found that stressing over breastfeeding wasn't worth it and didn't work. It sounds like you have the right attitude!!! :)