Monday, September 08, 2008

Plastic Elimination

First of all, Candy, I even bought the most expensive kefir in the store thinking it was the best. It touted still having live active cultures in it. Maybe I'll try another brand. I'm just happy my kombucha from a store-bought bottle worked! I've got my second batch brewing right now. Also, I found out that if I use Brown Cow organic cream top yogurt as my starter for a new batch of yogurt and I put in just a little more than 1/4 of a cup, my yogurt comes out quite thick. I've had inconsistent results with Stoneyfield.

Tiffany, I do know about quinoa and I have a fair amount in my cupboard, but I haven't eaten it in a while. So, I'll have to set out a batch for sprouting tonight. I also learned that herbs can only work for so long, so I've finished up the fenugreek and started using borage. has a tea that's supposed to be great for Mother's Milk.

I spent today at my parents' house while I waited for my grocery-getting to get fixed, so didn't have time to actually do some plastic elimination today. However, here are some thoughts of plastic things to get rid of and what I'm replacing them with:

plastic leftover tubs ~ glass jars and dishes
plastic lunch baggies/plastic wrap ~ waxed paper
plastic wash basin for dishes ~ enamel wash basin
plastic colander ~ enamel colander
plastic baggies for cheese ~ glass or stoneware cheese keeper
plastic milk jugs ~ glass milk bottles
plastic bags for homemade bread ~ wrapping homemade bread in a good linen towel and storing the bread cut-side down keeps it fresh for a week, it seems.
plastic herb jars ~ glass herb jars
plastic trash bins ~ metal trash bins

Other ways to eliminate plastics in your life:

~ don't buy plastic-based clothing (polyester)
~ cloth diaper
~ buy in bulk and use glass storage containers for your pantry

Vermont Country Store also sells and American Made vacuum cleaner that's mostly steel rather than cheap plastic.

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