Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stuff to look forward to

My sister-in-law has been giving me extra catalogs of homeschooling stuff. It is all a bit overwhelming as I look through them. So, this winter I plan to finally read Well-Trained Mind and start working on curriculum ideas. I've also just purchased The Way They Learn by Cynthia Ulrich. My SIL says it'll help me understand how best to teach my son. He's obviously not a child who would do well under a public school setting. He's very hands-on. I can see him doing well under unschooling conditions.

This winter, I also hope to go through my fabric supply and just sew sew sew. What I can't use for myself I'll put on Etsy.

I'm also spreading the word that I'm hosting a Plastic Elimination Week starting September 8th. I'll post more about it, later, but please consider spreading the word through your own blog about it. I'd like to get as many people involved as possible. I think it'll be fun and interesting.

As for the sickies, Bubby is completely cold-free and I'm on the mend. Baby Girl is still a bit ill, but I'm sure by tomorrow she'll be on the mend, too. Thankfully, this has been a very easy cold to deal with. Praise God for that! Now, I have to get my Cold Kit stocked up.

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Anonymous said...

It's great you have family who support the idea of home education. I trained as a teacher and I would say that school works best if you are an "average" child as that is what it is aimed at. Schools just cannot deliver the best education to each child because they are doing it on a "mass production" basis.