Monday, August 25, 2008

Plastic Elimination Week Preliminaries

Finally, I'm making myself sit down and type about my Plastic Elimination Week.

Plastic Elimination Week begins on September 8th, 2008. The purpose of this week is to reduce, replace and eliminate plastics in our homes. Whether your purpose is because you feel plastics are bad for our health, or bad for the evironment, or you want to reduce the use of oil-based products, or you just want to declutter or make things more pleasing to the eye, then please join me and spread the word on your own blogs and websites.

Those joining are encouraged to make comments and suggestions on plastic elimination either here or own their own blogs. Participants are also encouraged to find ways to have the plastics they are discarding recycled or reused rather than just tossing them in the trash, which defeats part of the purpose of this week.

Throughout that week, I'll be posting on how I've been reducing, replacing and eliminating plastics around the house. I'll post ideas on how you can reduce, replace and eliminate plastics.

Our world depends on plastics now, so total or near total elimination is probably impossible. I bet even the Amish have plenty of plastics in their houses. There are things where plastics are better or do serve a purpose, but there are many other things where plastics are not only unnecessary, but perhaps even dangerous. I have a friend who's life-threatening cancer was caused by over-exposure to plastics.

So, if you're up to the challenge, please let me know in the comments section! And even if you're unable to join on the week of September 8th, then please at least make mention of it on your blog or website.

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Amity said...

I really loath using so much plastic. I recently eliminated about 40 plastic cups in our house and in there place bought about 16 thick glass ones. I like glass so much better!! DH likes drinking out of plastic though..:-(