Sunday, August 10, 2008

Under the Weather

I have no clue why Bubby and I both get colds in August, but we do and we're fighting colds now. Bubby's on the mend, and I'm just starting. I've been taking large, but safe doses of vitamin C and cod liver oil. I've been drinking plenty. I've also been taking in extra kefir. Hopefully I can kill this virus and be well soon. Mostly, I hope Baby Girl doesn't get a cold.

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Sue said...

It is possible for her to stay well and all. I had bronchitius and pneumonia a couple of weeks ago (and i was sick for over a month) and my daughter didn't get sick even though I was nursing her. I had to take antibiotics to get better. Just be dilligent in washing your hands and coughing away from her into your arm and she should be fine.