Friday, August 01, 2008

Basement Project

Here's one of the reasons I'm so busy! I'm a do-it-yourselfer and I'm currently making a unique seating area in the basement play room.

As I said before, lightening ruined our TV upstairs and we can't afford a new one just now. So, using some stuff around the house and discounted fabrics at JoAnn's, I'm making a nice love-seat opposite our downstairs TV.

I'm starting with storage bins of baby clothes. That's the base of the loveseat. On top of that is a sheet of plywood leftover from a project hubby did this spring. The plywood is being painted a farm and construction scene on one side and then another scene on the other side for Bubby's train sets. The plywood also acts as the base for the seating, which will be outdoor canvas pillows. I bought a few yards of outdoor canvas marked down at JoAnn and the rest will come from some sail cloth I've had laying around for years. To cover the bins, I have outdoor canvas that I'm going to staple to the sides of the plywood for skirting.

So far, I have some of the farm/construction scene painted and one pillow completed.

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