Monday, August 04, 2008

A Compliment

Hubby paid me such a charming compliment yesterday and I don't even think he knew it. It was the evening and we were resting in the living room. The house was cluttered and untidied from a very busy weekend. I looked around while nursing our sweet daughter and said, "I have a lot of work to do tomorrow. It's amazing how messy this house gets in one weekend." (I promise, it wasn't complaining.) Hubby sprung up from his chair and said with so much emphasis and excitement, "But, Honey, you don't understand. This house is lived in!" (We had a previous discussion about how people today are so busy chasing that dollar that they buy these expensive houses they can't afford, then work so much that they're only home to pick up their mail and go to bed.)

I suddenly felt a weight off my shoulders. My husband doesn't mind if things get untidied or worn out because it means we are living in our home and loving it. Of course, that's no excuse for leaving the place a wreak, but it's nice to have leave not to stress myself to sickness trying to keep the place perfect all the time.

That was a precious gift from hubby.

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Julie said...

Girl, that brought tears to my eyes. Thats a comment to cherish! :)