Thursday, August 14, 2008


Love is the thing that enables a woman to sing while she mops up the floor after her husband has walked across it in his barn boots. ~Hoosier Farmer

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I sometimes tease that the only way I'll have clean floors is when I teach my family to hover. :) I clean my floors nearly every day because my hubby is a boot-wearing man. I can always tell when he's been home and what he did because I can follow the dirt and mud-clump trail around the house.

You may be insisting that I simply can't be all sunshine and smiles over this. To be honest, it is a challenge of grace to be a cheerful wife when I'm mopping floors again and again. I admit that two days ago I felt a bit down when I loving placed fresh bath rugs on a sparkling bathroom floor only to have big, muddy footprints, dirt clumps and sand all over it within half an hour.

You may think my husband's horrible for not taking his boots off. But, you need to remember a few things:

1. I LOVE my husband.
2. Boots are a pain to put on and take off.
3. Hubby works hard every day, so what's the big deal about me cleaning floors every day.
4. It's been unusually muddy this year.
5. I'd rather have to clean my floors often then to not have a hubby at all.
6. You also have to add a toddler who loves his sand pile, and a dog with muddy paws to the mix, too.

So, scrub away I do. Woman's work is never done, but when it is, it's probably the day she finds herself all alone and that's sad.


KitKat said...

This is a wonderful way to remind us all to count our blessings!

Shan said...


I too consider myself blessed when all 3 of my menfolk come in the house with mud, grease or ??? on their workboots! Luckily, I have a "mudroom" and they are pretty great about keeping the debris confined to that room.

It is a true blessing to be loved and loving others rather than being alone.

A quick can buy surgical booties from any medical supply store. They can be worn multiple times and just slip over workboots. There are times where it is burdensome to ask your fella to remove his boots each time he comes in. Especially if he is working on something that requires that he work on both the inside and outside at the same time...i.e, washing the windows for you on the second story!

Husbands and Sons are wonderful,
Honey Hill Farm

Anonymous said...

My husband gets mud from his boots in the house too but usually it's dried on mud falling out when he puts his boots back on the following morning.

Just to add to Shan's comment, my Auntie has plastic overshoes which she gives him for coming indoors when he works for her and he thinks they're great as they save so much time putting boots on and off.