Friday, November 23, 2007

Cold Season Kit

After this last barrage of colds, I'm determined as a wife and mother to have a Cold Season Kit to always be prepared. Bubby and I have each had 3 colds since August! Here's what I plan to have in my kit:

1. Chewable Vitamin C tablets
2. Tea Tree Oil
3. Plug-in Vicks
4. Quality Tissues
5. Natural/Herbal throat lozenges
6. Horehound drops
7. Garlic Pearls
8. Saline Nose Spray
9. Chicken Soup
10. Chamomile Tea
11. Concentrated Frozen Orange Juice (to make a warm orangeade for toddlers who won't drink tea and need something more than plain water)
12. Pedialyte
13. Vapor bath
14. Honey
15. Ice Pack (for sinuses and headaches)
16. Humidifier
17. Listerine
18. Herbal Ear Drops (for related ear aches)
19. Oral Gel (my teeth always hurt when I have a cold)
20. Clean Wash Cloths
21. Antibacterial lotion

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