Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Winter, Turkeys, Laundry Room and more...

We've already had one snowfall this season. Granted, it was a dusting and didn't last past 10 am, but there was still snow. I'm looking forward to our first significant snowfall. I like being buttoned up in a warm house, watching the flakes gently fall and settle onto the shivering blades of grass. Plus, I can't wait to see my newly green painted house with a backdrop and covering of snow.

Today, we're having a "wintry-mix" as they call it on the news. Rain, sleet and freezing rain will fall for most of the day. Winter is definitely trying to get on in.

As I opened the curtains in the bedroom this morning, I saw 29 turkeys venturing across my backyard. I quickly grabbed my son and showed him the birds. He thought they were funny. It's nice to know if things go downhill fast, we have food walking through our backyard. Wild turkey tastes so good. My father shot on in time for Thanksgiving when I was a teenager. It was a smallish bird, so mom cooked up a small commercial turkey as well. I went for the wild bird and wish for wild turkey every Thanksgiving. The taste is so good. Some people don't like it, but I liked the nutty undertones.

My mom picked up some magazine back issues at the library. In one, there was a section on laundry rooms and ideas for making the room lovely. After all, the article says, we spend a lot of time doing laundry. We might as well enjoy the space we do it in. My laundry is in the basement. Now that we're getting the basement waterproofed, we'll be able to finish it. The waterproofing company guarantees for the life of our house that we'll be able to drywall and even carpet the basement! I don't plan on carpeting the basement, but I like the idea that I can add woodwork, or drywall and make a lovely little laundry room for myself. Hmmmm...ideas, ideas, ideas.

Yesterday was ruled by my cold. I'm doing better today, but still sick. I'm still a little congested and I feel I have a touch of bronchitis, too. Lots of steam, fluids and rest for me. I'm working on a cotton knitted scarf, so it's rather pleasant to put my feet up and knit. I'm determined to feel better by Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to my mother's stuffing. She makes the best stuffing!

Oh, and I hope my dad makes his sourdough bread. It's not at all Nourishing Traditions (starter is made with yeast and bread made with white flour), but it is so tasty. It's such a special treat. My contribution to the table is greenbeans with crackers (my sister's request), glazed carrots and cider. I'd like to do a dessert, but we already have 4 pies coming! Oh, I did promise my oldest brother that I'd bring a jar of my brandied peaches for him to try.

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Melanie said...

Your Thanksgiving sounds so perfect. We dont have anything like that in England. I love the snow, so far we have just had cold winds and rain, but snow is on the way according to the weather man.
I hope you feel better soon.
Take care and God bless.