Friday, November 23, 2007

Afternoon off and Thanksgiving

Tuesday, my dear husband gave me the afternoon off by taking our son to Grandpa's house. This gave me a chance to just relax and rest and heal. I took a nice, steamy shower to break up the mucus. Then I went to bed. Then I got up and put together my Cold Season Kit ideas. After that, I knitted some, called my mom, jumped online, listened to a Bing Crosby Christmas CD and called my mom again. Ahhhhh.....

Thanksgiving was very nice this year. I was feeling better, but my dear mother had a bad cold. I'm glad I was able to go over early and give her a hand. Everything came out perfectly and all the dishes arrived at the table at the same time and piping hot. The 28 pound turkey was beautifully browned and perfectly moist. The coveted stuffing was so delicious, we were picking it out of the bird as soon as it came out of the oven. My dad did make his delicious sourdough bread. We had more mashed potatoes than we knew what to do with! And my mom was relieved that the gravy was not lumpy. For dessert, my sister had made a pumpkin cheesecake that was so good. We also had pumpkin pie and apple rum raisin pie. It truly was a blessed day. My father said a beautiful blessing over the meal, too.

There are just so many things I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for my salvation, my family, my steadfast loving husband, my unborn baby, that I could help my mother out, my home, hubby's job, our outdoor furnace, the mountains of food we had, my church, etc etc etc etc.....

I'm feeling better from the cold and from morning sickness. Now, I'm looking forward to getting some long-neglected chores done and prepping the house for Christmas! I don't "officially" start Christmas until December 1st. How about you? Answer in the poll!

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