Thursday, November 08, 2007

Feeling better....

I don't know if it's just my time to start feeling better, or if some changes I've made have really helped me ease my nausea.

I've been cooking more simple, healthful meals. I've been eating more balanced meals. I bought some organic whole milk plain yogurt and ate what I could tolerate (not much), but soon started feeling better. Now, I've got a batch of homemade yogurt culturing! Yum and my stomach is thanking me. I also took a few days off of taking prenatal vitamins. That helped a fair amount. I'm now on Flintstone-type chewables and don't get absolutely sick off of them.

I also noticed that my prenatals and a lot of the processed foods I was eating contained soy. Soy has an estrogen-like effect. I wonder if that aggrivated my hormones that cause the nausea and actually made it worse?

I haven't any whey made yet, so I've been finishing off a box of bran flakes before I switch to oatmeal for breakfast (can't tolerate eggs yet). I've been eating a bowl of that with either bananas or raisins and whole milk for breakfast. Lunch has been loaded with veggies and I try to add a simple protein like cheese or tuna. For dinner tonight, I'm making homemade shepherd's pie with ground wild venison (topped with mashed potatoes made from potatoes from a local farm).

I do NEED eggs in my diet, but I just can't do them yet. However, I'm thinking of making a brown rice pudding with maple syrup instead of sugar. That'll contain eggs. I need to get off my preggy rear and make a loaf of sprouted grain bread because then I can get my eggs through french toast until I can tolerate them alone.

I also noticed that since I've been eating a more balanced and healthful diet, my cravings have really slowed down. I haven't craved anything recently.

Thanks Candy, Stephanie and Nourishing Traditions!


His Tender Mercies said...

In the Nourishing Traditions
cookbook, Sally Fallon suggests a product called Floridix for quesy stomachs. There was a pregnant mom on a forum I belong to who by accident found out that taking this product, she was relieved from morning sickness. If I ever am blessed with another pregnancy I plan to try it.

I could never tolerate vitamins in any form early in pregnancy. My last pregnany I couldn't tolerate them the whole pregnancy.

Stephanie said...

I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better!

I don't much like eggs in early pregnancy either...I can get them down but it's just not what my stomach wants. I drink a lot of high protein shakes in early pregnancy, they taste sweet and filling and my stomach can tolerate it better. You might want to try my coconut milk shake recipe:

prayzgod said...

I'm so glad you're starting to feel better. I could almost feel your "morning" sickness too. I remember it SO well...