Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"You Want More?"

It bothers me when someone catches me in a difficult day of motherhood and cheekily asks, "And you want more?" Of course I do! Just because I'm having a trying day doesn't mean I suddenly hate having children and don't want any more. I know at the end of the day when my wee ones have finally fallen asleep that every ounce of stress that occured during the day will disappear as soon as I look at their sleeping, beautiful faces.

I guess it is because we live in a society of negativity. Good news rarely gets noticed, millions are addicted to soap operas, reality shows feed on our desire to see others suffer, people only seem to remember the bad in our leaders, dramas outrank comedies and even out comedies are negative, AND we focus on the negatives in our own lives.

The debt, the bills, the spilled milk, the cracked window, the misbehaving children, the grumpy husband.....We forget about the abundance we have, the freezer full of food, the paycheck coming in each week, the delicious milk we have to drink, the home around us, the hugs and kisses and dandelion bouquets from our children, the man who loves us and most of all Christ Jesus who loves us!

Yes, I want more. Even though I actually hate being pregnant, I do want more. :)


Julie said...

AMEN! I have quiet a few frazzled days...through no fault of my childrens. It is a issue in my life I have to deal with. However it does seem I am overwhelmed. Thats the perfect time for the enemy to place the naysayers in your path.
Be strong!

Buildeth Her House said...

I don't really enjoy being pregnant(hasn't always been that way, pregnancy just has gotten tougher with each child) either but would love to have more children.

A comment I get sometimes from others when I'm having a tough day is "You just need to send them to school" Ugh! That bugs me!

Dawn said...

I don't even have young'uns of my own yet and I still have frazzled days thanks to my

Whenever I see a big family around I smile and try to say hello or make small talk with the mom and let her know I think large families are a blessing indeed.

It's amazing how anti child our nation has become.
People scream 'our world is over populated and there's not enough resources' blah, blah, blah, but it's just sad how children are looked down upon.
Now it's all about ourselves and 'saving the planet and trees'.

May God have mercy on our world...

God Bless You!