Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I know, I said yesterday I probably wouldn't be blogging much, but it's funny how when we submit to God's will (in this case by cutting back computer time) He seems to provide us with what we want anyway! My sewing machine sits by the computer, so I'm multi-tasking right now.

Anyhow, one of the quirks about living in a small house is the constant need to purge. Even small accumulations add up to unavoidable clutter. Today, I cleaned out my catalogs, but what I really need to purge is all my clothing! I have a lot of clothing and a good deal of it is old, immodest, not my style anymore, or just doesn't suit me or fit me well. I hesitate to purge my clothes because I'm post-preggy now, so obviously not much fits me. However, I think I really need to be honest with myself and cut back on the hordes of clothing I have.

Today is sewing day, though. Tomorrow, I can sort through clothing.

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Cherrymomma said...

Good luck on the purge! We need to do that too. It's amazing how much things a family can accumulate in just a few years!