Saturday, June 21, 2008

Guest Room

I am very content with the house the Lord gave hubby and I, but I wish we had one thing...a guest room. I read about hospitality on other lovely blogs and they show pictures of pretty little guest rooms for missionaries, friends, and family to stay over in. We don't have that luxery in our two bedroom cottage and we've had people politely refuse our hospitality because of a lack of a guest room.

Someday, should the Lord tarry, I will have a guest room, and my most frequent guests will probably and hopefully be my grandchildren.


prayzgod said...

My guest room is my living room - converted to sleeping quarters.

I've NEVER had a guest room - ever, not in my whole life.

I always figured that was for "rich people." ;-)

Saved Sinner said...

I have the problem of nowhere to put people too which makes it hard to invite them in the first place. Our best option tends to be to give our room and sleep in the living room ourselves as the living room is the way to the kitchen making it a bit awkward to put guests in it.

A lady from our church spent a long time living in Turkey because her husband was a missionary and she said one thing she learnt from the turkish women was that you don't have to have a lot to offer hospitality. One time she said a lady shared an apple (i.e. one apple singular) with a group of people.

Julie said...

My MIL won't stay with us because we don't have a tv in every room of the house and we don't have cable. LOL
I alwys ask though.