Monday, June 09, 2008

Berries, Baby Weight, etc

This is going to be a very good berry year in my state. My berry bushes are exploding with berries! Now, I really want to plant more and more berry bushes...but not until next year. :)

I have an idea for an herb garden, too. It'll be squared with bush cherries and blueberries at each corner.

I've already been asked about losing my baby weight. I'm not offended because those who've asked me know I love the challenge of getting back into shape after having a baby. I was quite successful after having Bubby. Not only did I get back down to my pre-baby weight of 130 lbs, I actually shaped up more and got down to 123 lbs! My goal this time around is to get down to 123 lbs again, but I would love to hover around 115-120 lbs.

I have not started working on weight loss yet because it is more important for my little girl to get good milk from Mama. However, I have started efforts to tone up. I'm doing posture exercises to straighten up my preggy-slouched back and tighten my post-delivery abs. Tomorrow, I start light weights to build up muscle strength and tone. I think in another week or two, I'll feel up to going out for walks. In the meantime, when my daughter has her wakeful period in the morning, I dance with her in my arms.

I absolutely refuse to take any measurements or see how much I weigh until 6 weeks post-partum. Once I get to the 6 week mark, then I'll see what I have to work with. I'm getting excited about the 6 week mark because I was given the Firm system and a pilates ball and video workout, too. I'm eager to start those and really start seeing results.

My biggest challenge is making sure I don't compromise my milk. I only made it 4 months nursing with Bubby. I'd like to make it at least 6 months with my daughter.

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Mimi said...

My mother always reminded me that it takes 9 months to grow a baby, and about 9 months to get back to pre-baby weight. Good thoughts.

Your herb garden sounds fabulous!